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Connect. Grow. Achieve. 

You are one of a kind. 

Every person on Earth is completely unique, each with different abilities, needs, goals, and challenges. Providence coaches understand this well, which is why our tailored individual sessions are designed to meet you exactly where you are. 

The grass is greenest where you water it. 

Growth and change can be intimidating, even scary. The best place and time to start is right here and now. You’re not alone! Sustainable change requires support & Providence coaches are here to help by providing safety, encouragement, and accountability.

Learning is for life. 

Discovery is natural, which is why we are not just coaches but lifelong students. We are always stretching and evolving ourselves, honing our personal growth and coaching techniques just as we encourage our clients to develop a passion for learning for themselves. 


You get what you give. 

Growth, learning, and healing are about change, which requires discipline and commitment. The duration of your coaching depends on your persistence and the complexity of your goals. In order to maintain lasting results, we recommend long-term coaching for its compounding effect. 



Students Who...

Need help building confidence

Are feeling anxious

Struggle academically


Parents Who...

Feel overwhelmed

Could use support

Are struggling in their role


Professionals Who...

Struggle managing stress

Are looking for fulfillment

Want to find their purpose


People Who...

Are overwhelmed post-pandemic

Experience anxiety

Desire new coping tools


We connect with you and identify your learning and wellness priorities

We help you apply strategies and tools to real life challenges

We encourage you to develop ownership and accountability through insight and self-awareness

You discover lasting happiness and success!

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