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Providence means Divine guidance or care, and it is the foundation of our purpose, our core values, and inspires everything we do. We know firsthand that there is a Power greater than all of us, and we know that this Divine Care covers us in our daily efforts to love and encourage others. 

We identify with the torch as a beacon of Providence because of what it symbolizes. Fire destroys and cleanses, and makes things new. In the spirit of "carrying the torch", we are committed to leading the way and passing on what we ourselves have learned. We will light your path to a better life, with Divine Providence as our guide. 

All are welcome

We are a faith-based, nonsectarian organization. Providence Academy and its leadership are not affiliated with, or aligned with, any particular religious group or organization and do not discriminate against the sincerely held religious beliefs of others. If you have a concern about our faith or would like to know more, please contact



Firm belief based upon confidence in the authority and veracity of another rather than upon one's own knowledge, reason, or judgement

Willingness to act in spite of fear; strength of mind in resisting the temptation of fear; showing courage or valor

Quality of being honest & having strong moral principles that you refuse to change or compromise; freedom from corrupting influence or motive



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Kate Norlie  |  Learning Specialist 

Certified MO Mild/Mod Cross Categorical K-12

IL Special K-12 Teaching Educable Mentally Handicapped, Social/Emotional Disorders, Learning Disabilities


I am the co-founder of Providence Academy, and I can’t wait to meet you! A lifelong learner and educator, my purpose and passion is to help children and young adults thrive and meet their full potential in life. My diverse background in public, private, parochial, and home environments has taught me that there are some significant gaps in learning that children may experience. I have worked as a special education instructor, learning consultant, tutor, and parent, and I am excited to share my expertise in learning strategies, executive function skills, learning disabilities, ADHD, and emotional health with you! Whether you are looking for remediation, more effective learning strategies, improved organizational skills, or coping skills, I am ready to help you find success and joy in an encouraging and safe environment.

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Ray Norlie  |  Relationship Consultant

Certified Master Relationship Coach, Wellness & Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence, Goal Success, Employee Performance, Life Purpose, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Health & Nutrition, CBT


Welcome to Providence Academy! In 2018, I conceived the idea of putting together a team of educators that would revolutionize learning as we know it. Kate and I founded Providence Academy 3 years later in her kitchen and we have been on a mission to share the principles that lead to happiness and success ever since! I teach adults 18 and older how to navigate, repair, improve, and maintain their most important relationships by taking radical ownership and empowering them to transform the way they interact with themselves and the people around them. My background includes counseling, training, business operations, and team leadership. I am skilled in relationship development and have experience working with adolescents and adults in recovery from substance abuse and alcohol dependency. My vision is to provide a supportive environment that encourages growth, inspires positive change, and fosters your emotional wellness. Call me and start today!


Erin Norlie  |  Spiritual Coach

Certified Crystal and Chakra Healer, REBT certified, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork


I am an Intuitive dedicated to holistic healing, energy work, and teaching self-love tools. I graduated with a BFA in Musical Theater and spent 10 years teaching children and adolescents to sing and act. My spiritual awakening began in Los Angeles, where I studied under Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Teacher Allie Ninfo, Guided Light Healing’s Alessandro Giannetti, and Intuitive Healer Nicky Moriarty. This journey revealed to me my soul’s greatest desire in this life: to help you connect to your intuition, enabling you to reclaim ownership over your life. I believe that everyone has access to their highest potential when we learn to trust our inner guidance and discover the power to heal ourselves. I will equip you with practical tools and self-awareness so that you can start living in alignment with your soul’s purpose! Whether you’re looking to love and be your authentic self, grow your spiritual connection with a Higher Power, or connect with others in creative ways, I am honored to share my gifts and passion with each of you! 

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