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Private Sessions

Free Consultation
We offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation to determine how we can best help you. Just pick a coach and don't hesitate to send us a text, call, email, or DM to set up a consultation today! 


Individual Session
A private, 1 : 1 coaching session with any of our coaches. Your introductory session will include onboarding and intake paperwork, as well as an interview about you so we can get to know your background and goals. 1 hour $75

 Individualized Goal Achievement Framework (IGAF)
Your coach will work with you to develop your custom progress plan, or IGAF. Your AF will outline your learning priorities, core strengths, self identified goals, areas of opportunity, milestones, personalized steps to goal success, and recommendations for future sessions. 60-90 minutes

 Service Packages
Our services are available for a discount when purchased in bulk. Service packages are grouped by the number of coaching hours they include, and they can be used for any of our coaches! Purchased packages expire after 1 year.  

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