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Our practice is designed to cultivate holistic Emotional Wellness by developing healthy responses to hard feelings and improving our ability to meet overwhelm with self-compassion and curiosity. 

Providence is your home for emotional support. Our private, individualized coaching sessions are based on what you're feeling and how you're dealing. We support you by listening deeply, validating your emotions, and guiding you through alternative methods of coping. Your experience will include a felt sense of emotional safety, encouragement, passive relational healing, and coping recommendations tailored to your unique self and circumstances. 



The world can be a lonely and triggering place.

Responding, rather than reacting to difficult situations

and big feelings is much easier said than done. We believe that foundational support is necessary to interrupt cycles of reactivity and introduce more effective ways of coping. 

Our mission is to provide personalized emotional support for our community and a safe space to be still, feel our feelings, and practice integrating new coping skills.

Emotional Wellness - the practice or state of awareness, acknowledgment, understanding, and acceptance of our feelings; contentment with the quality of how we think, feel, and relate to our circumstances and the people around us; the ability to tolerate difficult or overwhelming emotions with equanimity; willingness to practice lifestyle choices that lead to contentment or a sense of well-being.

Visit our St. Louis Wellness Studio & headquarters in Chesterfield! Our cozy home studio is your safe place to feel, heal, and be heard. Featuring private areas for coaching sessions & an inviting meditation space, the Providence Studio is the perfect place to work on your Emotional Wellness.

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