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Accessible support.

We aim to be a beacon for where to go when in need of support, and are striving to normalize conversations about Emotional Wellness. 


Therapeutic, but not therapy.

Our techniques and modalities are therapeutic in nature, but we are not therapists. Our emotional support is meant as a supplement to your overall Wellness, and we honor and respect the course of your Wellness journey. 


No pharma.

We care deeply for your overall Wellness, which is why we will never recommend any prescription drugs or other man-made chemicals. Our bodies are amazingly capable. When we support them and address the underlying root causes of our symptoms, we allow our bodies to heal themselves.


No insurance.

We don’t accept insurance, and are not beholden to Insurance companies. This allows us to stand by our values and adhere closely to our mission. 


Family owned.

We are family created, owned, and operated. We’re your neighbors, so you’ll know who you’re working with.  

We have found the following strategy to be reliably effective in improving Emotional Wellness in the long term: safe-enough conditions for identification and reduction of triggers, development of self-awareness, integration of effective coping skills, and consistent repetition and practice.

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