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2382 Capitol Landing Dr.

Chesterfield, MO 63017

(314) 834-1232

Ray Norlie

Ray Norlie is the creator and co-founder of Providence, and serves as the organization’s President. He is an Emotional Wellness Practitioner, a certified Master Wellness & Life Coach and Master Relationship Coach. Ray is a lifelong student with a background in counseling, restaurant management, and HVAC sales. He has been practicing Emotional Wellness since 2018 and believes the most effective approach is a curious and compassionate one.

Kate Norlie

Kate Norlie is the co-founder of Providence and serves as Director of our Healing Studio. She is a Learning and Behavior Specialist and Educator of 35+ years. In addition to her extensive experience working with children and parents, Kate brings unique strategies for growth and invaluable insight to the Providence team. She provides parents the support they need to communicate confidently with their children and smoothly process overwhelm. In her spare time, she enjoys creating harmonic healing frequencies, bird watching, and sharpening her mind with an engaging book.

Erin Norlie

Erin is a Spiritual Coach, Emotional Wellness Practitioner, and Intuitive dedicated to holistic healing, energy work, and teaching self-love tools. She believes that everyone has access to their highest potential when they learn to trust their inner guidance and discover the power to heal. She brings diverse experience to the Providence team including caretaking, women’s advocacy and mentorship, and administration. She is honored and excited to share her gifts with you!

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